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Work at Home Equipment

Get started today and see if you qualify for financing with our partner WAHES (Work at Home Equipment Solutions). Or browse the various listings of work at home equipment options. Search by client 'Arise' to ensure you are purchasing the correct equipment. Visit WAHES to see if you qualify for financing or simply purchase out of pocket.


     Automate Your Taxes, Health Insurance, Retirement Savings, and Investing

With Catch you can choose your benefits, link your bank, then set aside a percentage of each paycheck. It’s that simple. Automate Taxes, Get Savings on Health Plans, Saving & Investing for Freelancers, 1099 and Self-employed. Sign Up Free. The Best Freelancer App to Save for Taxes, Time Off, and Retirement. Always Free.

Banking for Independent Contractors

Lili is banking designed for independent contractors (like you), gig workers, and business owners. Lili offers $200 fee free overdraft, simple in app tax planning, and automated savings with 1% APY. By combining banking with accounting software and technology to optimize tax liability, Lili is designed to save time, money and energy for business owners and independent contractors.

Get Discounts to Various National and Local Companies, Gift Cards, and Other Custom Rewards!

Once you have been onboarded, you will receive an e-mail invitation to join our new NectarHR Network where you can access hundreds of discounts, earn points to redeem gift cards and other rewards, and network with your fellow DriveTrain Client Solutions Partners.

Partner Success Documents

After onboarding you will have access to various invaluable materials to start you on your way to success as you earn on your own terms.