How long is training?

Training times vary depending on the client being serviced. Training can typically be between 2 weeks and 2 months depending on the client, pay rate, and intricacy of the job.

Is training paid?

This largely depends on the client. In some instances you can 'Earn While You Learn' in certain phases of training. Meaning, there will be a mixture of instructor led courses and live call taking - which you are paid for during the training period.

How much can I earn?

Pay starts at $10-$17 per hour and is not pre taxed as you are an independent contractor. DriveTrain Client Solutions also offers various bonuses and vouchers for our candidates based on performance. Bonuses and rewards typically range from $5-$300.

Is equipment provided?

As an independent contractor, you will provide your own equipment since you are essentially your own boss. Visit WAHES to see if you qualify for financing your Work at Home Equipment for as little as $10 down to start. Please visit the 'Partner Resources' page to explore your options.

Are there any costs associated with joining? 

Once you choose an opportunity, there is a $30 background check fee. This is typically completed during the first week of training. However, we do offer a $50 course completion incentive once you have successfully completed the entire certification course!

How will I be paid?

You will be paid via direct deposit bi-weekly.

What are the system requirements?

Please see the system requirements below